Perfectly Imperfect Seconds Sale - Capes

Perfectly Imperfect Seconds Sale - Capes

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Perfectly Imperfect: accepting flaws, but with a love that runs deep enough to see past them.

Lovingly handmade, these pieces are crafted perfectly but include some minor differences or slight imperfections to our ususal full priced items. This may include a different colour lining, minor fabric flaw (small patch of missing sequins smaller than a 5c coin or and overlap in sequins). Some pieces are crafted absolutely perfect, however are made prior to the introduction of our quick release feature on the capes.

Flaws are not listed individually. In purchasing one of our Perfectly Imperfect seconds sale pieces, you are accepting that pieces purchased will arrive with some minor flaws and differences.

There are no exchanges, returns or refunds on your Perfectly Imperfect pieces.