The Story of Us

Designed by dreamers, created with heart...
The Dream....
My heart felt hope is that browsing our collections is like walking through an elegant wardrobe in a luxury boutique.
Dreamy, beautiful and whimsical.
These words have been the driving inspiration for designing garments and décor for children and their rooms. Capturing the innocence, freedom and delight of childhood has supported the vision and motivation behind Pretty Petite Co. A love of adventure, play and imagination is what being a child should be all about, and I hope that you can see this reflected in our pieces.
The Beginnings...
With a deep love of all things 'pretty', the concept of Pretty Petite Co. came to me late one night - where all good ideas are curated. While feeding my little darling in the early hours of the morning, I would find myself down a rabbit whole of endless websites in the search for one place where I could find all the pretty things that my heart desired. Bows, shows, outfits, décor...I wanted to find one website that made my heart sing with the endless possibilities of pretty things. For this reason, Pretty Petite Co is ever evolving. All the things I make, I make because I want them for my little girl. And I want them for yours too....
The Experience...
Pretty Petite Co. is more than just a website. It is a feeling. It is heart, soul and beauty. I believe that online shopping should be more than just an item in a cart, which is why the experience does not end when you close the website. Each item is beautifully gift wrapped with heart and love. A personalised, hand written note Is enclosed with every order, and additional gifts are included with your purchase. My goal is to provide you with a first class shopping experience when shopping for your littles.
Making your shopping experience as smooth and as effortless as possible, Pretty Petite Co. is where you will find everything you need to 'dress your darling from bow to toe'.
The mother behind the business...
As a mother, wife, sister, friend, aunty I am all too familiar with the demands that each role brings. Life can be out of control and ridiculously busy.  
For as long as I can remember, I have always delighted in making beautiful things. That creative piece of my soul soars when I am elbow deep in sequins, tulle and gorgeous fabrics.
Each handmade item is designed and made with love, imagination and heart. My seamstress skills were passed down to me from my mother, and her mother before that. Sewing has been part of my childhood, weekends and school holidays were filled with Mum sewing away while I sat under the table, playing with the pedals. Creating has been part of my families past for as long as I can remember.
Always wanting to be a mother, I was delighted to start my family with a beautiful little girl. The light of my life and my reason for being. Becoming a mother was the one thing I had craved more than anything in the world. And to hold the most precious little girl in my arms, dreams came true.
Despite the fierce love and adoration I have for my daughter and my new role as a mother, my creative soul was feeling a little neglected. That passion for making and creating was growing and growing. I needed something that was my own. Something that was sill focussed around littlest love, but something that could satisfy that artistic streak in me. I started sewing headbands for Aoife, and for friends daughters. Interest began to grow, and so did the demand. I branched from headbands into making matching bloomer sets, sourcing gorgeous local fabrics and sourcing garments internationally that belonged in the Pretty Petite Co. boutique.
As my daughter grew, so did the brand. I broadened Pretty Petite's collections to include handmade children's décor pieces. A branch of the business that has so many new and gorgeous products coming your way.
With big dreams for the future, Pretty Petite Co. is destined for big things. Come along this journey with me and surround yourself with beautiful things too.
Jo  x x