Sweet Valentine Cookie Recipe

When i think Valentine's Day, i think PINK. Which is why it is probably one of my favourite celebrations. That, and there are roses involved - who can go wrong with that! If you choose to celebrate, or would rather save your indulgence for another day, here is a delicious and gorgeous Sugar Cookie recipe that i used today to bake some sweet treats with my little lady. I have adapted this beauty from the Rach Parcell blog.
Needless to say, cooking with a three year old has it's moments, (in a photo below you will see Aoife watching the cookies bake. Or so it looks....she is actually licking the oven. mmmmhhhhh...that's not a typo. LICKING THE OVEN. Don't ask) but the end result were some delicious treats that Aoife couldn't wait to show Daddy when he walked through the door.
Happy cooking, Beauties!
2 cups softened butter
6 eggs
2 cups caster sugar
2 teaspoons vanilla essence
6 teaspoons baking powder
6 cups flour
1. Mix wet ingredients with sugar then slowly add baking powder and slowly add flour.
2. Mix well
3. Refrigerate dough for 30 mins
4. Roll and use cutters to shape into hearts
5. Bake in 180 degree oven for 6-7 mins. They should be slightly soft when you bring them out of the oven to prevent them from cooking into harder cookies once removed.
450g cream cheese
350g softened butter
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
650g icing sugar
1. Mix all ingredients together in a mixer.
2. To create ombre icing, add a drop of rose pink colouring. Place 3 spoons in a bowl.
3. Repeat step 2 until all colour combinations have been achieved.
Happy baking!


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