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So you know by now, that creating things is my favourite thing to do. Creating beautiful spaces is a huge passion of mine, and I am a firm believer that all the small, intricate details add up to create something magical. 
Last year (actually it was the year before that, but I still can't get around the fact that we are in 2019...WHAT THE?!) for Christmas, Aoife received her own kitchen for Christmas, but not before it had been given it's own little make over. Come on now - you can't make anything easy for yourself now can you?
Below I have popped Aoife's beautiful IKEA kitchen, with my own little spin on it. you can click on the links to source the items you'll need, should you chose to create one of your own!
I always love to answer your questions, and share as much advice and support as I can, so feel free to email, comment, Instagram DM or all of the above - I would love to help you create something beautiful.
Step 1: Gettin' the Goods!
Purchase your supplies! You will need the following to bring it together:
- IKEA DUKTIG play kitchen click here
- Zinsser Undercoat paint avalable at Bunnings click here
- Paint brush
- Drop Sheet
- Paint colour of choice (we went with white - surprise surprise!)
- Rustoleum Gold Spray Paint click here
- Marble Vinyl Adhesive Roll click here
- Thin MDF board - cut to size (this will become the backsplash)
- Screw driver
- small nails
- Hammer
Step 2: Painting Like a Pro!
- Undercoat and paint all pieces of the kitchen before putting together. (I didn't do this and it would have been SO much easier, and saved a lot of time). Depending on the brand of undercoat, and paint you choose, you may need to do a couple of coats. Talk to the team at Bunnings, they can assist you.
- Also spray paint the handles, sink, tap, feet and hanging rail with your gold spray paint. Ensure that you allow PLENTY of time for them to dry properly - this will avoid those annoying fingerprints that can become visible after painting. 
Step 3: Classy Marble Benches
Cover the bench area with the marble vinyl adhesive. Use a credit card to smooth over and make sure there are no bubbles - however don't press to hard - this will avoid any tears in the vinyl. Make long cut marks when you reach the sink area, so you are able to pull the vinyl back and stick to the underside of the bench.
At the same time, cover the back splash piece with the marble vinyl adhesive, using the same cuts to the corners to neatly wrap underneath.
Step 4: It's Hammer Time!
- Assemble the kitchen according to instructions. Grab a DIY buddy to help with this part - you need to make sure things are plum when you screw them together so that they are sturdy and don't rock. Using some small nails and your hammer, attach the marble back splash to the back of the kitchen, so the vinyl is visible from the front. Ensure your nailing is nice and straight so they don't slip to either side of the kitchen sides and can be seen.
Step 5: Finishing Touches
Screw on the spray painted handles, tap, insert sink and the hanging rail and pop on your gold feet.......VOILE` Your little one is ready to bake up some sweet treats just for you! They'll have hours and hours of fun - take it from someone who has had over 12 months munchin' on the cutest little cookies!
If you loved this blog - stay tuned for a future blog on adding some cute little kitchen appliances that looks as cute as can be - with a little DIY you can make anything look amazing!
Much love,


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