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Sweet Valentine Cookie Recipe

When i think Valentine's Day, i think PINK. Which is why it is probably one of my favourite celebrations. That, and there are roses involved - who can go wrong with that! If you choose to celebrate, or would rather save your indulgence for another day, here is a delicious and gorgeous Sugar Cookie recipe that i used today to bake some sweet treats with my little lady. I have adapted this beauty from the Rach Parcell blog. Needless to say, cooking with a three year old has it's moments, (in a photo below you will see Aoife watching the cookies bake. Or so it looks....she is actually licking the oven. mmmmhhhhh...that's not a typo. LICKING THE OVEN. Don't ask)...

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Sweet Treat

So you know by now, that creating things is my favourite thing to do. Creating beautiful spaces is a huge passion of mine, and I am a firm believer that all the small, intricate details add up to create something magical.  Last year (actually it was the year before that, but I still can't get around the fact that we are in 2019...WHAT THE?!) for Christmas, Aoife received her own kitchen for Christmas, but not before it had been given it's own little make over. Come on now - you can't make anything easy for yourself now can you? Below I have popped Aoife's beautiful IKEA kitchen, with my own little spin on it. you can click on the links...

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Book Stack Beauties

They are my latest obsession and I just can't get enough! I know it's true love - because the time between ordering them online, and them arriving on my doorstep - i experience absolutely NO buyers remorse! I love the look, the feel and the mood that is created by a stack of books that are placed in just the right place.  Your book choices are an easy way to help shape the style of your home, but they should also reflect your interests. Lets face it, they aren't always cheap, and they need to be practical as well as pretty.Finally - we CAN judge a book by it's cover! They don't always have to be purchased brand new, from your...

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